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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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on sale now at your local safeway store. good morning, america. breaking right now, chris christie in crisis. calls at this hour for the feds to step in, investigate the explosive e-mails that show christie's aides closing highway lanes on america's busiest bridge causing massive traffic jams to get back at his political foe. the govern expected to take action this morning. thawing out. could all this ice created by the coldest conditions in years be about to turn to water creating potentially dangerous floods? rain is in the forecast from the northeast to the south. ginger is tracking it all. trapped in the ice barely clinging to hope, a man pinned under his truck for almost eight hours, the moment that finally led to his rescue almost as astonishing as his survival. ♪ and clash of the commercials. before the teams hit the field for football's biggest game, the
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super ads-travaganza. which ad will steal the show and your vote? >> good morning, everyone. a lot to get to this thursday morning. let's take a look at a live shot, george washington bridge, traffic moving pretty well this morning, but, boy, it sure wasn't a few months back after the traffic jams engineered by aides to chris christie to get back at one of his political opponents. one of the big questions right now, how much has it hampered his white house prospects? >> he has stepped up. he's talking about the new jersey governor after those bombshell e-mails with calls for criminal investigations. abc's jim avila is in ft. lee, new jersey, right now, has the very latest for us. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's four days that ft. lee, new jersey, won't soon forget.
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the feds now asked to join the investigation into that massive traffic jam that endangered lives for apparently political reasons. >> looks like there might be a tie-up. >> reporter: this town in the shadow of america's busiest bridge, the george washington from new jersey to manhattan paralyzed by the simple closing of two of three approach lanes. a few cones that backed up traffic through downtown ft. lee day after day in what now is clearly an act of political retribution by the high-ups that report directly to governor chris christie. >> this puts at risk people in the community of ft. lee. >> reporter: in fact, in a letter from the director of ft. lee emergency services obtained by abc news, the mayor is advised of four separate incidents that week where first responders were delayed by the man-made traffic jam including one in which a 91-year-old heart attack victim died after paramedics were delayed due to heavy traffic. >> it's disturbing to find out people are supposed to be
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protecting public actually impaired public safety. >> reporter: how did this happen? e-mails from governor christie's friend and deputy chief of staff implicate revenge politics. just after the democratic mayor of ft. lee declined to support his republican governor for re-election, this e-mail was sent, "time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." the response, "got it." >> i apparently got somebody mad at me. those e-mails are pretty damning. >> reporter: and it gets worse. with christie aides rejoicing as ft. lee suffers. is it wrong that i am smiling? christie, who has not been directly tied to the e-mails or texts, often boasts he gives as good as he gets in his jersey style. >> damn, i'm governor. can you just shut up for a second? i have no interest in answering your questions. >> reporter: today his political enemies are thinking his office has taken that style too far. the govern said in a statement that-misled by staff and that
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they will be held accountable. he scheduled a news conference to begin shortly this morning. and we're told by senior staff that he will take action. george? let's bring in matthew dowd. matthew, i'll put this on the political richter scale, one, a two-day story, ten, he can't run for president. where does it stand? >> reporter: definitely more than a one at this point. i think it's going to four or five right now. whether it's a ten or not, there's still some things we need to know. is there more shoes to drop, george? is this a pattern? was there environment in the governor's office to allow this to happen? we don't know yet. his worry right now whether or not this is going to really hurt him is whether or not jersey brashness which people like, it is an asset moves to "soprano" bullying. that's the line, if he crosses that and there's a pattern, it's a huge problem. >> he still has a lot of damage control ahead of him. he put out the statement saying he didn't know about it, it was was put out by his aides.
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hasn't come before cameras yet and hasn't fired anyone. >> reporter: well, i think he needs to do something really quick today. first of all, he has to fire someone or someones, obviously the course of those e-mails show that somebody was involved and did a very wrong thing in the midst of it. he has to fire someone. that has to happen today, two, he has to get in front of the cameras and be totally transparent. he should release a bunch of e-mails from a bunch of different things. the worry his administration has not only is there more here but is there other stories this kind of thing happened before, not only was there a ft. lee bridge problem but are there other problems we don't know about. >> well, that's always the problem. now you have the calls for a criminal investigation. everyone will get lawyered up right now. the big worry, of course, for christie, if an e-mail comes out or testimony says that he did know about this or did direct it. >> reporter: absolutely. one of these things is a mistake, two troubling, three, three tries you're out. normally when politicians and bridges are mentioned in the same paragraph it's usually not helpful. >> thanks very much, matthew.
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>> he has a point there. the country starting to thaw out from the bone-chilling cold that froze the nation. ginger zee is here with the latest on that. still cold but we'll take it. >> tolerable. we'll call it. january even. yeah, not like we don't live in the arctic but here is what we had. seven days over the last seven days nearly 650 records broken. so you know it was bad in a lot of places, all the states there that are highlighted but look what happens on the back side of that high when we start to get that clockwise rotation and that warmth, this is trenton, new jersey, and there is a big issue. it's an ice jam and this could happen in a lot of places. it's now backed up three miles and the city of philadelphia is under a flash flood watch and so you're going to see this in a lot of places when we do get warm-ups very quickly after having the snow and ice and that deep freeze, new york city going to 56 on saturday. rain comes on top of it on sunday so you could see some ponding. atlanta, goes to 60 saturday. dallas to almost 70 by the time you reach your weekend and
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here's the rain that comes on top. this is why i'm slightly concerned but not terribly. this is not going to be life-threatening but something that could stop you up. don't drive into water. it'll be one of those kind of weekends. >> good to keep in mind, thank you. the latest on the helicopter crashes hitting our military. two in the last two days. with the navy killing two crew members yesterday and air force crash in england killing all four on board. martha raddatz joins us with details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning. both of these helicopters were involved in what the military calls routine missions. they're never really routine. the helicopter that went down in england was involved in a low-level nighttime training exercise when it crashed. it appears the crew was killed instantly. the crew in the accident off the coast of virginia did have some warning the helicopter was going down, which may indicate mechanical troubles although we just don't know at this point. but thankfully, some of those crew members pulled from those
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very cold waters did survive after a dramatic rescue, george. >> still a search for one more. this could just be a sad coincidence. is there any concern of a systemic safety problem? >> reporter: there is no indication they are related in any way. it is as you said just a very sad coincidence. this shows that even when our troops are not directly involved in combat, george, there is still very real risk. >> always have to remember that. martha raddatz, thanks very much. now to josh with today's other top stories. we begin with breaking news overseas. concerning security now ahead of the upcoming winter olympics in russia, there is word of an anti-terrorist operation being conducted this morning and not far from where the games will be held in sochi. let's get right to abc's kirit radia following this. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. we're hearing about a massive anti-terrorism sweep taking place in stavropol, the region not far from sochi.
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where the winter olympics will take place in just a few weeks. we're told that this latest sweep was sparked by the discovery of several explosives in cars around that region, one of which exploded when police tried to approach the vehicle. also inside that vehicle, several dead bodies and we're not exactly sure why that is but police there clearly not taking any chances. this coming just a week after two explosions rocked the city of volgograd leaving dozens dead. this week, russia put in place a massive security operation designed to protect those games from a terrorist attack. but the u.s. ski team is not taking any chances. they've hired their own evacuation plan and they've got five planes ready to take them out of the city if anything happens. again with today's operation nobody is saying it's terrorism but with just three weeks to go before the games nobody is taking any chances. josh? >> thank you, kirit radia in moscow. also breaking now, a massive chemical explosion at a mitsubishi factory. at least five have been killed in the blast and a dozen others have been rushed to the hospital
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from the plant you see there in central japan. you see the aftermath of that blast. it appears that workers triggered it while making silicon products. and dennis rodman apologizing now for his rather epic meltdown on national television during a live interview from north korea, the former basketball star implied among other things that captive american missionary kenneth bae was at fault for his own arrest. rodman now admits to drinking before the interview and also blames the stress over his and i do quote him, "dream of basketball diplomacy" falling apart. more trouble for a california chicken plant linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. the usda has shut down a foster farms facility because an insect infestation calling it a public health risk. the government recently threatened to close it and two other foster farms plants
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because of a salmonella outbreak that sickened 400. and in space this morning. the sun has unleashed a massive flair. i'm told you can see it there from a sunspot seven times the size of earth. >> wow. >> it could disrupt gps and radio signals, i'm sure, among other things. it's already forced the delay of a rocket carrying groceries to the space station. on the bright side, however, the astronauts may go hungry but that flare would also create the best view in years of the northern lights tonight. so there's something for everyone. and that's going to be it. i always worry sunspots seven times the size of earth. they trouble me. >> nowhere else to go from there, is there, josh? >> no. >> thank you. now to the mysterious death of an iraq war veteran, a father of two. the ohio man fatally shot while hunting last month. now an anonymous note by the alleged shooter is offering new
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clues about what happened. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a heartbreaking mystery that is tearing this rural ohio town to pieces. at the center of it all the mysterious shooting death of larry bradley and this handwritten anonymous apology letter. >> we really need that person to come forward and talk with us. >> reporter: the 45-year-old father and iraq war veteran was killed while hunting deer in ohio december 2nd. unsuspectingly shot in the back left for dead taking his final breaths, he calls his wife. >> you know, you didn't want to panic her. asked her to contact some other people in the area, family members to bring help for him. >> reporter: then the case went cold. until around christmas when the sheriff's department got this letter from someone confessing to be the person who killed bradley. it reads in part "i am so sorry for the hurt and pain that i caused on that day. can you please tell the family i am so sorry." >> first thought that i thought was that that person was really
7:13 am
struggling. >> reporter: to protect evidence authorities won't release the entire apology letter but say there's enough detail in it to make them believe it may be real. >> because it's hunting related, i think that the assumption is there is a high likelihood it would be an accident. >> reporter: for bradley's wife denise it brings some comfort but not closure. >> we owe it to the family and to the community to try to locate this person and encourage them to come forward. >> reporter: authorities now hoping the person who was willing to apologize will be willing to turn themselves in. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> thanks to alex for that. we turn to a new headache for the nfl. as we count down to the super bowl just across the river in new jersey, one fan is suing the league for not providing enough affordable tickets to fans. he says that violates new jersey's consumer fraud law. abc's ryan smith, here with this morning's story. good morning. >> good morning, george. super bowl ticket prices are sky high and tickets are scarce. one man hopes to change that in the courtroom. he's a fan with a plan.
7:14 am
to tackle what he calls unfair ticket prices for the biggest game in town. >> championship play right here, fellas. >> reporter: josh finkelman suing the nfl claiming their ticket distribution practices make super bowl tickets too expensive for the average fan. he should know, he spent 4 grand for a pair, four times the face value. >> i was upset about the price that i paid for the tickets. we found out this was an illegal practice. >> reporter: the nfl allocates 1% of its tickets to the general public at face value, which is short of the 5% required by new jersey law. finkelman argues that the majority of the tickets go to the nfl teams and other third parties like online ticket sites which then drive up the prices. >> the league generates about $10 billion a year through its loyal fan base and at the biggest event of the year they lock them out. >> reporter: his seats way up here, now cost more than 2,000 plus bucks each through online ticket sites.
7:15 am
lower level club seats on the 50 yard line about 10 grand a ticket and feel like splurging for one of these suites? you'll be shelling out more than $500,000. but this morning, the nfl is playing defense. saying their super bowl ticket distribution process has been in existence for years and it is in compliance with all applicable laws. >> there are products every day that there's tremendous demand for, and when they're resold again, they're sold for outrage prices. is that fair? no. but that's capitalism. >> well, it may be too late to change things for this season but if a court decides this lawsuit has legs it could affect super bowl ticket prices in the future. >> what about that? i don't want to put you out of your depth but seems like if only 1% of the tickets were available and 5%, it's kind of clear cut. >> that could be part of it but the question is, is the nfl actually doing this? they say they're giving it to teams who are selling it to fans so they're doing what they need
7:16 am
to do by law. >> always something there. all right, ryan, thanks so much. >> sure thing. you have i think the story of the morning. >> oh, i think so too. good morning to you, robin and to you and this is an astonishing tale. a man trapped under his truck frozen to the icy ground for hours. this morning, he is lucky he is alive to tell his story. it was monday and with record-setting cold gripping the nation, truck driver tim rutledge pulled over at this truck stop in indiana to fix his brakes. but while under the truck, the vehicle shifted. >> it caught my left side and my left arm was pinned by the axle of the truck. >> reporter: with the windchill reaching 42 below zero, tim became stuck, frozen to the pavement where he remained trapped for nearly eight hours. >> i was yelling but nobody could hear me. >> reporter: what led to tim's rescue is just as miraculous as his survival. >> that's the only morning he never really called me.
7:17 am
>> reporter: sensing something was wrong, his wife at home a thousand miles away in orlando, florida, began calling tim's cell phone relentlessly. the vibration eventually shaking it loose from his jacket, still unable to reach the phone, tim was able to dial using voice command. >> i says, whoever this is, whatever you do don't hang up the phone. if they hung up the phone it was going to be my last chance to talk to anybody. >> reporter: tim not knowing who he had called reached his supervisor who figured out his location and called for help. rescuers had to cut him out of his clothes to get him out but rutledge says he's never felt so relieved. i bet and he is expected to be released from the hospital today and on the first flight back to his home in orlando, enjoy the sun, well deserved. >> down in florida but to have that voice command on his phone, whoo. >> i know.
7:18 am
>> so lucky. >> i thought the same thing. oh, boy, okay. thanks, lara. let's get another check of the weather and storms brewing out there. >> yes. they've been quiet in the ridge on the pacific northwest and isolated from all the problems here in the east. no, not any longer as we go through the next 48 hours we put on how much rain you'll get and this is really only the beginning of it. some places up to 3 inches right through the cascades, portland and seattle themselves shouldn't be anything too, too terrible, but, hey, up in higher elevations you will see some of that mountain snow and passes might be tough as you go into your weekend plans trying to drive through. something to note. but also in the southeast we have issues this morning. some light freezing rain is falling in northern arkansas, southern missouri and far eastern oklahoma. they're under winter weather advisories right now. unsettled for much of the southeast. birmingham a little bit more mild at 53. brownsville will go to 74 the high and i wanted to give you this big look at the nation because we're still warm and mild out here, burbank, 72 but it is that pink area where we could see some ice and this will be a quick little hit.
7:19 am
it'll come this morning through about early afternoon, take extra time if you're driving right in that region. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds, first the wintry cities brought to you by burlington. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly cloudy and warmer this afternoon. next chance of rain mainly in the north bay sbatd record highs are still possible in the back half of the forecast. mid to upper 50s along the
7:20 am
coast. upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures will be cooler tonight, mid 40s along the bay shore. mid 60s to 70 degrees next week. we keep hearing stories of it's so cold that this happened, well, in little rock there is a river that only freezes over every 10 to 15 years. i've got pictures of it. it did it. >> that's because it's so cold. >> that's correct. >> so cold. and coming up on "gma," the prominent doctor in hot water right now. was he caught spying on his ex-wife? also, caught on tape, the dramatic and desperate 911 call just released of a runaway van with seven people inside. then here, a target saleswoman in california hailed rightfully as a hero. her quick thinking helped to rescue a kidnapped little girl and the bizarre interview behind bars with the kidnapper. all right, and then a surprising bit of news. kelly osbourne calling it quits with her fiance. and pictures of her out having fun with justin bieber.
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have surrounded this large building, pouring water on the building site at east julian stre street. drivers can see the smoke as they pass the scene on nearby highway 101. no reports of any injuries right now. but it has caused problems for the commute. let's get the latest from leyla gulen. >> away from highway 85 up to the san jose airport. julian street is shut down between 27th and 28th street. julian street off-ramp on northbound 101 and southbound 101 are closed down. avoid the area. use 87 instead. marin, lucas valley road, five-car crash there is leaving two lanes
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yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. good morning. southerly wind pushing to the north, milpitas, possibly smelling smoke from that fire in san jose. dry this morning. we have a lot of drizzle in oakland, hayward, moving into san jose, napa and santa
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where are you at. >> we're coming off of 80. off a side road. we lost our brakes. >> no trial of the van all captured on that 911 call. we'll give you new details on what happened in just a couple of minutes. also a hero story we'll share with everybody this morning. the target seaswoman whose quick thinking helped rescue a kidnapped little girl. and you're also going to hear the bizarre interview from behind bars with that kidnapper. an actress alyssa milano speaking out about those comments by jay morh standing up for herself and women everywhere. she couldn't ignore these comment. >> she said it so well. she really handled it well. >> coming up, also take a look at this. it's one of five >> i'm a surgeon --
7:31 am
dr. steven curley is a pioneer of cancer research. he worked at one of this country's most prestigious hospitals, md anderson in houston. he was even featured on "gma" a few years ago discussing his use of radio waves instead of radiation to fight cancer. >> it's beyond remarkable. >> reporter: but this morning dr. curley is accused of spyingen 0 his ex-wife in the middle of their messy divorce. she still works at md an ser diane as a physician's assistant. >> he's looking forward to his day in court. he's hurt and upset with these allegations. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged the good doctor with a second degree felony, something called unlawful intercept. if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. investigators say back in 2011 he plotted with this man, hank lehman, a computer analyst who, yes, also worked at md anderson to digitally eavesdrop on the doc's ex. lehman faces the same charge.
7:32 am
he could not be reached for comment. neither man has entered a plea. >> with eblaster -- >> reporter: the software prosecutors alleged they use is called eblaster. >> once it's loaded on someone's computer logging what they're typing out and logging what's coming in. >> reporter: dr. curley recently retired from md anderson but the world renowned institution's doctors have been in the news a lot. another oncologist there is awaiting trial accused of spiking her lover's coffee with a poison. the man she's accused of trying to kill is, you guessed it, another well-known cancer researcher at md an sderson. the hospital has no comment about the latest allegations against dr. curly. the case against him is scheduled to go to court later this month. >> strange to have those cases. we turn now to that harrowing highway nightmare, all captured in a 911 call from a
7:33 am
california driver who loses control of the car and the brakes with seven passengers on board. abc's aditi roy has the story. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> we need help. >> reporter: you can hear the desperation in claudia frazier's voice on the 911 call. the van she is in headed towards a fiery crash. >> where are you at? >> coming off 80. we're on the side road. we lost our brakes. >> reporter: officials say it was traveling more than 50 miles an hour on a northern california highway. the driver, jerry chalmers, and six friends were on their way home from a day trip to reno when she says she lost control of the van. >> are you going westbound? >> we have no -- i don't know where are. giving out. car is out of control. >> reporter: turns off the highway she crashes into another car. the van then burting into flames. and the 911 operator still on the line. >> what is it that you're reporting? i can't really hear you. hello.
7:34 am
hello. >> reporter: silence on the other end. authorities say 90-year-old frances savia inside the van died. the six survivors are recovering from their injuries. the crash still under investigation. but police say it looks like a problem with the gas pedal caused the van to go out of control and have advice for others in the same predicament. >> shift the gear selector into neutral which is going to cause the engine to rev but will allow you to stop. >> reporter: a valuable lesson during a life-or-death moment. for abc news, aditi roy, los angeles. to the target store employee in california who police say helped rescue a little girl from a kidnapper. her awareness even before the amber alert went out may have saved that girl's life and abc's david wright has that story. >> reporter: something just didn't seem right. that's what 22-year-old roxana ramirez says about a man she
7:35 am
spotted last friday at this bay area target. >> he was acting weird as if like he was up to something. >> reporter: aramirez's job is to watch out for shoplifters. he didn't steal anything but kept an eye on it anyway. ramirez wrote down his license plate. hours later a friend told her about an amber alert for a 7-year-old girl abducted from her own driveway. ramirez put two and two together. >> the car looked the same. it might be the same person. >> reporter: local police say that tip-off helped them identify their suspect, david allen douglas. >> once we knew who he was, we were able to look for him at the antioch arena because we have information that's where he liked to frequent. >> reporter: that's where they made the arrest. the 7-year-old found in his car alive. >> she came with me and then she turned back and said, mommy. >> reporter: douglas has confessed to the kidnapping but showed no remorse in a rare jailhouse interview, in fact, told the bay area news group how easy it was to abduct the girl.
7:36 am
>> she was scared. i said, i'm scared too. >> reporter: doug glass is now being held on $4 million bond. >> timing in child kidnappings are absolutely critical and sometimes life-saving if you pass the information on immediately like had occurred in this case. >> i just saved a little girl's life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> bless her heart. that interview with the kidnapper in jail. >> chilling. >> very chilling. all right. let's get another check of the weather with ginger and, oh, that's another problem we're seeing right now. >> in a much different way. the river in little rock, i was telling you about it and sweeting with todd at katv our affiliate. he was saying only 10 to 15 year, once every 10 to 15 years this thing freezes over and has done it with this recent bout of cold. they're getting more ice, ice on top of ice because they've had freezing rain. that will make a lot of those roadways slippery.
7:37 am
winter weather advisories. southeastern kansas but all the way to illinois, western tennessee and kentucky and even northern mississippi, still wintry mix. one place still dry and mild would be the southwest, fresno going to go to 63 today. los angeles now shy of 70 so cooling down a little bit. good morning. i'm mike nicco. drizzle for the morning commute commute. ar afternoon sunshine. north bay has a chance >> this weather report brought to you by walgreen's. i have to get this unsettled because my future mother-in-law said i want to visit but it's not nice there. she's in tucson. >> wow. >> come visit. >> that said it all. >> warming up. warming up. we want you to come. >> a lot of pressure on a
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meteorologist. >> i know, really. >> warming up for you. >> it's not her fault. >> really. coming up here ads-travaganza kickoff. the clash of the commercials already under way. why doritos may be top dog. check that out. alyssa milano takes on the public criticism about her post-baby weight. what post-baby weight? she's always looked fantastic and speaking out and had something new to say overnight. come on back. [ male announcer ] at some point, everyone's been at the corner of "new year's resolution" and "maybe i need a new new year's resolution." ♪ at walgreens, we know that starting healthy routines can be tough. that's why walgreens makes it easier with realistic and real simple solutions... everything from great deals on vitamins, supplements and fitness monitors to helpful online tools. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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ah, love that sound. back at 7:43. we are just weeks away from football's biggest face-off. our big game ad-travaganza. coverage kicking off right now. five lucky people are battling to win dorito's biggest competition to air their homemade commercials to take home a $1 million prize. abc's nick watt has the details. >> boy, ki get some help? >> i don't know. can you? >> i guess you don't want doritos. >> reporter: this ad could just make it to the, well, super bowl of television ad-dom. [ playing theme from "the lone
7:43 am
ranger" ] ♪ >> reporter: one of five finalists narrowed down from a record 5500 entry in this year's doritos make your own ad campaign. top two decided by public vote will air during the super bowl for 100 million viewers, the best wins a million bucks. >> this contest really gives you more than 30 seconds of fame during the super bowl. it could really help, you know, launch an entire filmmaking career. >> reporter: this was produced by amber and david gill. >> strong competition. we wish them all the best but we also hope they lose. >> no. >> perfect. >> i have two boys, sibling rivalry is big in my house and i think everyone can relate to it. >> reporter: they pulled in a lot of favors. >> that's why if we win we'll split the prize money with all of our friends. the dog was the highest paid actor on set. >> reporter: did you actually
7:44 am
ride the dog? >> no. >> i rode a green scene. >> reporter: casey is only 5, wants to be a movie star. can you look happy? can you look scared? you've got what it takes, kid. the american dream hawking cheesy chips for a whole lot of cheddar. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick does it again. the big game on sunday, february 2nd. and coming up here, how $10 could score you a date with george clooney. i dare you not to stick around for that story. >> oh. also, our "play of the day," it's cold outside so we're going to freeze you with cuteness in a moment. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii!
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> we're at disney company.
7:49 am
let's just put it out there. also really good millions and millions and millions of people have seen it so you probably know this. you've heard your kids doing the song "let it go" over and over and over again. serena does this for hours and hours every single day. well, we do have one rendition to bring you then, maddie and zoe, and take a listen. ♪ anymore ♪ yes ♪ ♪ i don't care what they say ♪ >> bring it home, girls. ♪
7:50 am
>> just a little -- just a little privilege. ♪ hold it back anymore >> it's sarina. ♪ let it go let it go >> how cute she is. >> oh. >> take that, jason aldean. take that! coming up, "gma's" winter concert series presented by big lots, surprising savings every aisle, every day.
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good morning. i'm kristin sde. a major warehouse fire has now gone to five alarms. it started around 5:30 this morning near 28th street and east julian street. flames and billowing smoke can be seen by commuters on nearby highway 101. that's still true now. there are still delays. we talked to leyla about that. >> snarling traffic, because folks are slowing down to see what's happening and also a lot of smoke blowing over the freeway. as you're traveling away from 85
7:56 am
up to the scene of the fire, it will take you at least one hour. let's talk about weather with mike nicco. winds have switched, blowing west, sunnyvale and up to the peninsula may be smelling smoke. drizzle will last through 10:00. drizzle will last through 10:00. partly cloudy safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, honey nut cheerios are just $1.88. that's a sweet deal. brew up a great cup for less. starbucks is just $6.99. and lean cuisine entrees are just 2 dollars each. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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good morning, america. 8:00 a.m., and we have an h-o-t hour ahead with trainers for the st stars, sarah jessica parker to shakira. the workout you can do to start shaping up now. ready for one of our healthiest "deals & steals." tory johnson here, products to help you drop those pounds right now. and country superstar, jason aldean here heating up times square as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ >> and that's not all, check out these trainers in times square right there.
8:00 am
that is anna kiesers and the trainers from ak motion for making it look like fun. >> it is. when i go out there i'm going to do that in my heels. >> coming up. we will hold you to that, ginger. do not throw that out there. >> take it from me. okay, because i've done it all. >> oh, yes, you will have to. >> it is simply hot inside our studio because jason aldean is here, and he's using our twitter mirror. see him there? our "gma" photo booth, photos are already hitting our twitter account. cannot wait for him to perform and he also has a very -- a special announcement. huge announcement he's calling it. he's been teasing us on twitter about what that announcement is going to be. >> any hints? >> no, no, he's going to tell us. he'll tell all. >> i wonder what it can be. also ahead, alyssa milano speaking out on camera, first time since a fellow actor jay mohr publicly criticized her post-baby weight.
8:01 am
i just want to say to the men, the baby weight is weight we talk about that helped bring life into the world so -- >> i love that you are saying that. >> here we go. >> and there's a new element to it. people wondering, didn't this come out? no, she's talking about it now, so we're going to talk about it with you. also a surprise split. kelly osbourne calling it quits with her fiance. we've got some new pictures of her out though. she's having fun, and she's hanging with the biebs. we're also going to switch gears and talk about the fake online dating profile going viral right now. what it reveals about what men are really looking for online. hmm, i wonder. >> you may want to hide. >> earmuffs. >> it's good. >> you both may want to hide. >> it's all coming up. first news from josh. we begin with the growing scandal surround new jersey governor and potentialal presidential candidate chris christie. there are calls this morning for a federal criminal investigation after e-mails and text messages revealed the governor's top aides likely engineered massive traffic jams
8:02 am
on the george washington bridge into manhattan, the main artery between new jersey and the city all to get political revenge against the local mayor. emergency responders were among those delayed in that traffic nightmare. governor christie denies any involvement, and he is holding a news conference later this morning to address the scandal. and a developing story overseas, just weeks now before the winter olympic games in russia. authorities have uncovered several explosive devices during an anti-terrorism operation not far from sochi where the games will be held. the discovery came while they investigated a booby-trapped car and the shooting deaths of five people. now, security forces are on high alert in the wake of three terrorist bombings in recent weeks in nearby cities and towns. 30,000 russian troops will guard the games next month. also this morning, the search has resumed for a u.s. sailor missing after a deadly military crash in the atlantic. two crew members were killed
8:03 am
when their navy helicopter went down off virginia beach on wednesday. it's the second u.s. helicopter crash in as many days. and some big job cuts at macy's. the department store cutting some 2500 positions across the country to save money and to boost its online operation. however, there is perhaps a sliver of good news about the overall economy. some 238,000 jobs were created in the private sector last month. that is the best number in the year. and a rather unusual story from the sports world. take a look. left part of your screen. new york knick j.r. smith has been fined $50,000 for that. >> for what? >> untying his opponent's shoes during not one but two recent games. says he was just playing around. >> yeah, that's funny. funny joke. >> the league not laughing necessarily. he was warned -- >> he deserved a fine. >> yeah, he does, and he can afford it. he's okay. >> speaking of being able to
8:04 am
afford it, this could be the best business card ever. the man handing out the card, he deliver on all those promises? he claims among other things that he's the most influential person in china, says that he's china's moral leader, as well as an earthquake hero, also claims he is the country's most charismatic philanthropist. >> he's not the best grammar guy, though. >> we did some digging. it turns out, he is one of china's richest men. he is worth $700 million, so it turns out, he can print anything he wants, can untie anybody's shoes he wants. the charismatic philanthropist part, i guess remains to be seen. >> $700 million. a lot of charisma. >> can you imagine that business card? >> yeah. "pop news" coming up. let's go get the weather from ginger. >> hi there, guys. today i'll spend my time out here being the delivery woman because i have to deliver a message from robin to our friends here because you want to say you're from where, i can't tell.
8:05 am
>> all: new orleans! whoo! >> and robin says who dat right back to you. big game, i know, coming up. right to the forecast though because we want to check in on niagara falls. and we're looking from the canada side. when you get that cold and start to warm up, look at the picture from there. that is a live look. ah, very pretty. and we're going to go ahead and see that the cold air has really gone that far. flint, michigan, this morning, smashed a record. they hit 15 below for an actual low temperature. feels like 9 below in detroit and this morning in chicago, feels like 8 below. but that's a mini heat wave compared to what we've all been dealing with, and we will get more of that h good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly cloudy and warmer this afternoon. next chance of rain mainly in the north bay sbatd record highs are still possible in the back
8:06 am
half of the forecast. mid to upper 50s along the coast. upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures will be cooler tonight, mid 40s along the bay shore. mid 60s to 70 degree >> >> i figure if i get the whole crowd to do the dance and you come out, we'll do the rest of it. >> all right. all right. i will. i will. you heard it here first. thank you, ginger. and here's a look at what's happening on our gma "morning menu." how just $10 could score you a date with the cloon, george clooney. we will explain. and why justin timberlake is a fan of taco bell. alyssa milano speaking out for the first time on camera after public criticism of her post-baby weight, if that's what you call it. and "deals & steals" that will warm you up. they will warm your heart and so much more like jason aldean here live on "good morning america." stay with us.
8:07 am
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[woman] ask me about my tempur-pedic. [man] ask me how fast i fall asleep. [woman] ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. save up to $300 on select mattresses during the tempur-pedic model closeout event. find a store at ♪ whoa ♪ i know you don't know it but you're fine so fine ♪ there's one way to get across china. jake gobba, dartmouth sophomore spent 100 days going all across the country beijing to shanghai. went all the way to tibet and beyond. a little bruno mars there and what a way to get around the country. ♪ >> he's got some good moves and i guess he said that when he got to wherever he went, people treated him pretty well. he got some odd looks but he
8:12 am
kind of liked it. and we like it too. thank you, jake. >> really fun. >> what's happening in "pop"? >> i ask you this, what does $10 really get you? like maybe a large coffee. doesn't even get you into a movie. forget the movie when you could get the real -- i know, maybe a really large coffee and like a croissant. but, no, i mean, you don't need to go to the movie when you get the real deal. $10 could win you a date with the cloons. >> do tell. >> a $10 donation to the satellite central project which he is so very passionate about enters you into a raffle that could win you a flight to new york to hang with george. you ride in a limo together. you walk the red carpet with him for his movie, "the monuments men" at the premiere on february 4th. you gaze into each other's eyes. >> who knows. >> you laugh at each other's stories. you fall madly in love -- oh, wait, sorry. >> in your dreamland again. >> anyway, all for a great cause as i said, very, very important to george.
8:13 am
this monitors -- it's such a great idea. >> great cause. >> it monitors war crimes within the sudan. clooney has been very involved in it. they use satellites. $10, like better odds i guess than the lotto. >> it's happening right now. yes. >> i knew -- another george we all love. >> ah. >> also in "pop news" this morning, justin timberlake had a huge night, congratulations, people's choice awards, boy, the people do love him. he won three awards, favorite male artist, favorite r&b artist and favorite album of the year. >> look at ellen. >> for "the 20/20 experience." she also won. in a great mood, as well. so how do you wrap up a big night like that? you go to taco bell, of course. >> yeah. >> here is why justin timberlake is such a fan favorite. there he is taking pictures with employees. he posted them to instagram showing exactly why he is as popular as he is. >> he's just like us. >> he is. i love -- >> he eats taco bell at 2:00 a.m.
8:14 am
>> omg, breaking news. and finally, if you're looking to get in shape for the new year, a little motivation for you in this. if he can do it, so can you, people. >> what? >> a micro pig taking his new year's resolution very seriously. okay. so he porked up over the holidays. ba dum dum. he's hitting the treadmill to get in shape and perhaps work his hamstrings. >> oh. >> i thank you very much. and that is "pop news." >> aha. what? you look disgusted. >> he was adorable. >> thank you, robin. >> very adorable. >> that must be confusing, right, for a pig. you just never get to the end. >> just keep going and going. >> dangle a little snack. >> and we're going to keep going too. >> shall we? alyssa milano speaking out about so-called fat shaming after comic jay mohr's comments about her weight. the actress is standing up for
8:15 am
all women who put on, yeah, a little baby weight. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> i'm not going to be in a relationship with him. >> reporter: "mistresses" actress alyssa milano appearing on "extra" wednesday setting the record straight after comedian jay mohr publicly criticized the star's post-baby weight. >> i don't think it's fair. >> no, it's not. >> i gained 55 pounds when i was pregnant. i still have 10 more to lose and he's 2 in 4 months. >> reporter: the host of "project runway all stars" was a presenter at the nascar sprint cup series awards show, which mohr was hosting. in a now removed segment of his podcast, he joked about milano's appearance saying "it seems like she had a baby and said i don't really give a [ expletive ]." i read it on her gut. >> it hurt me. >> sure. >> i was affected by it and i wanted to remind him that like i'm a human being and that, you know, this hurts.
8:16 am
>> this incident is a remind er that celebs like everyone else have feelings and emotions and especially someone who recently became a mother. >> reporter: the 41-year-old former child star responded to mohr's insults by tweeting "so sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. be well and god bless. please send my love to your beautiful wife. mohr then took to his blog and facebook page apologizing to milano saying, "sometimes comedians go too far. i went too far." milano responding, "thank you, apology accepted" and jokingly added #passthecookies. but all kidding aside, she admits the comment stung. >> people feel that they can sort of rip a woman's body apart after having a baby. unfortunately, everyone is fair game. >> reporter: still, mohr insists "my heart is broken that i hurt her. i am very sorry." for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> you have to stop and think before you hit that send button.
8:17 am
>> absolutely. absolutely. >> come on. >> can't get it back. turning now to kelly osbourne and a sudden split from her fiance, sorry to hear it. the news coming out as she took to instagram posting photos of her and justin bieber hanging out seemingly having a great time. abc's bianna golodryga has the latest. >> reporter: after two years together and a seven-month engagement, kelly osbourne and vegan chef matthew mosshart are calling it quits. osborne's rep reveals to "us weekly," "the split isapplicable and they have nothing but the utmost respect for one another. kelly is looking forward to a new year full of fresh beginnings. no further comments will be provided by all parties, and we request privacy, decorum and space from the press but don't expect it." the surprising split came just a few months after osborne gushed to "us weekly" about her engagement to her now former fiance. "i've never felt this close to any human being ever. people say we're co-dependent but we just want to be together
8:18 am
all the time." when i spoke with her one month before the proposal that came in the caribbean last july she was keeping details close to the vest about their future together. safe to say he's the one. >> we'll see. >> reporter: but the fashion police star seems to be taking the moment in stride. she hasn't made any direct comments about the split but did share a cryptic tweet just after the announcement yesterday. "it's all about perception. sometimes the bad things that happen in life aren't really bad at all, especially when you learn something from it." while on instagram she is still having fun with none other than superstar justin bieber. "just had so much fun getting lessons from justin bieber on how to spray paint. justin is a lovely boy and has turned me into a true belieber tonight." for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> she looks good. >> i agree. >> here's our test of the morning. >> okay. >> when it comes to online
8:19 am
dating, do men pay attention to the profile? do they even read it or is it all about the picture? we debate that in a woman. how one woman came up with the perfect way to find out. nick watt has her story. ♪ >> reporter: imagine reading the dating profile of a woman who is part cher from "clueless." >> oh. >> my parents think i'm in law school so they like pay all my bills. >> reporter: and part "single white female." >> i'm totally like kind of single. i convinced my ex i was like pregnant and he like still pays me child support. lol! >> she is mean and manipulative. >> like whatever. >> reporter: her online handle, aaroncarterfan. ♪ always trying to be the fliest kid on the block ♪ >> i thought that i could create a profile that men would message her. >> reporter: allie reed is a comedy writer desperate to prove that men do look beyond the picture on dating sites. she's the real woman behind this fake profile, and her friend rae who is the profile picture is a
8:20 am
model. you have inadvertently created a social experiment. >> yes. >> reporter: allie kicked it up a notch. she replied to the messages as her awful creation. >> i told one guy that i thought he had too many teeth, so i wanted to pull one out. >> reporter: and did they -- >> responded saying, sounds great. what are you doing this friday? i got a lot of phone numbers, real human male phone numbers. >> reporter: okay. i'm trying to find a way out of this for the sake of my gender. did guys think it was a joke? >> i got close to a thousand messages. maybe 10 or 15 said, is this a joke? uh, no. >> reporter: but surely some guys read it and didn't send a message. >> probably for every one man who did message, i got ten people who visited. >> reporter: hooray, so only one in ten men took the bait. this is a good news story after all. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> okay, let's bring in our
8:21 am
relationship coach to talk more about this. i guess it's pure jerkdom with your reaction. >> i say it's more of the way your brain is wired to be honest. they've done neurological studies and men's visual cortex is what lights up when they look at the woman they're, you know, hot for or in love with, so unfortunately -- but it's what you're looking for. if you're just looking to hook up, you don't care as much. you just want to be hot for them but if you're looking for a partner, a life partner, then i think you do care what they have to say. >> what do you find online because we have a lot of people around here, our executive producer tom zibrowski, met his wife online. sara haines. >> i think it's the best way to meet somebody because commonality is what makes a relationship work and when you meet somebody the old-fashioned way, you're just hot for them. you have no idea whether you're right for them and that's why most relationships only last three to six months.
8:22 am
but if you knew you were right at least on paper before you knew if you had chemistry, you have a much better chance. >> how can we get men to get past the visual, the visual cortex and get into the profile and actually read and care to find out about that? >> well, you can never get them to get past the visual. the visual is always important, however, it's a matter of what they're looking for so be really specific and really honest about what you're looking for. if you're looking for a serious let's get married, let's have children, flat-out say that and then someone who is looking for that too and my favorite -- yeah, because they say, doesn't that kind of scare him away? yes. it will scare away the people you don't want. you want somebody who wants what you want. >> say what you want. >> exactly. >> good for you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> you're on the move. >> i'm on the move. >> on the move. >> where are you? 2014 after all i cannot believe, tory. >> yes. >> two years since you shifted. >> two years since i shifted and
8:23 am
so all of these deals are inspired by what i learned about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. so are you ready? >> yeah, we're going to help people reset the resolution there. >> reset, yes. first up -- >> log on right now and start your buying because this stuff goes. >> this is an amazing company called slim & save, and they make these really beautiful portion control plates and what i love about this is it's geometric. so it's not so crazy in your face. you know that half of your plate is for vegetables, a quarter for lean protein and then the other for grain, get it, three different patterns choose from online. normally four plates, four porcelain beautiful plates, $99, 49 bucks slashed in half. >> tv plates. it's an adult tv plate. >> you got it. >> i love this company prepara. these are assorted kitchen gadgets. gary in props allowed me to do the honors. one thing, i made these last night. these are ice balls. that is what they are called. it is ice with lime inside and then you just pour the water
8:24 am
over it and you've got this like amazing infused drink. there's all kinds of colanders and herb things cooking healthy at home regularly starting from 10 to $30 depending on what you choose. slashed in half, 5 bucks. isn't that yam -- yummy? >> already tastes like lime. >> it does. imagine that. another way to infuse your water is with these amazing pitchers. this is a two-in-one device from cool gear. you get to filter the water and infuse it or do one or the other. it's your choice. so these have oranges and apples, and then you just sit all day and have this delicious amazing water. i ditched the soda two years ago, not a single sip of soda. >> flavor the water. >> naturally instead. these are normally $30 slashed in half, 15 bucks. >> you kind of can't afford not to. all right. here we go. >> if you have trouble on your own with portion control, this is a really great company. it's the fresh diet, and they will deliver to your home food that's already prepared. so this is one day's amount of food. just when you look at this you realize to yourself typically one person eats so much more than this in a day. this helps with portion control. because you get two snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner
8:25 am
normally depending on what program you choose starting at $150, $60, shipping included and last but not least, weigh yourself every single day. so this is a really great scale from become a weight guru. sorry you're left holding the box. >> left holding the bag. >> naturally. this is an incredible, incredible scale. it monitors all sorts of things normally $50 slashed by 60%, 20 bucks on this, and you find it on on yahoo! >> thanks for the companies providing this. jason aldean. >> you look great. >> thanks.
8:26 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san jose, crews are still battling a fire that started three hours ago in a roof tile warehouse. flames spread to adjacent businesses. firefighters have been pouring water on the site at north 28 and east julian street. a fifth alarm was called in the past hour where crews from santa clara and sunnyvale now called in to assist. one school in the area has canceled classes. residents are advised to shelter in place. commuters on nearby 101 can see the heavy smoke and should have their windows rolled up as they're driving past.
8:27 am
let's get the latest traffic from leyla gulen. >> the morning commute is subsiding, at least on highway 101. if you're traveling on 85 up to the scene of the fire, you're looking at a 30-minute commute. it's bumper to bumper so plan ahead for that. >> thank you so much, covered california is howet californians can take advantage. we can help you get quality health insurance right now. to sign up, call 800-890-7561 or go to you can also use our website to find loca
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8:29 am
mainly fog in novato and santa rosa. we'll see partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> whoo! good morning to you, america. jason aldean bringing it and so great to have him here all morning long with us. >> we are up now, aren't we? we do love having him here. be sure to stick around. he is going to sing and he has a very special announcement as he's been cracking us up posing on our "gma" twitter booth, as well.
8:30 am
rachael ray is here this morning. food lovers. there's rachael right there. ginger, we're going to make it today. >> i know. and warm. >> i'm taking one for the team. i took myself out to give you my spot. >> okay. >> i know. >> all right. good news guru anna kaiser is with us. her clients include sarah jessica parker, kelly ripa, shakira, what do they all have in common? they're all hot and healthy and anna revealing her sexiest star secrets. first, abc's deborah roberts visited one of her high-impact workout classes. take a look. >> reporter: it was a photo seen around the world that set celeb fitness watchers buzzing. >> we didn't know it would go viral. >> reporter: kelly ripa's tweet of her killer abs. pretty crazy for a mom of three and the woman who helped her get
8:31 am
a ripped stomach. anna kaiser who trains a roster of celebs from kelly to sarah jessica parker, even singer shakira seen here on "self" magazine five months after giving birth. at her new york city studio kaiser's rocking it with make no mistake this dance class is a full body workout. i wanted a one-on-one session to find out how she got that stomach of steel. >> walk it out so that your feet are on the ball stabilizing with your left leg as you bring that right toe to touch the ground. and while we're at it what about shakira's sexy hips that don't lie. >> bring your booty up. you'll drop that left leg underneath and you're going to press up with that left leg. is this allowed on television? of course, i had to know the secret behind sjp's seriously sculpted arounds. >> drop those shoulders. pull your navel to your spine.
8:32 am
elbows out. bring them out to the side. there you go. nice. all great tips but sadly there's one big one we all have to follow to make any workout pay off. >> portions. that's the best you can do ever for your weight. >> reporter: for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, new york. >> they are moving and anna kaiser is with us now with three of her trainers, good morning to you all. and i mean looking at the celebrities that you work out, the one thing that they have in common is they're not only in great shape but also look very healthy. how do you do that. >> you need a combination of cardio, strength and flexible. don't want to focus too much on one thing because you want the full body results. toning, lengthening, lean, all of it. >> so many of us think i'll just get on the treadmill. drop the weight. >> that's not. you need everything. >> we saw that picture of kelly ripa not too long ago. kelly ripped as i now call her looking so fantastic. okay, so new year's resolutions.
8:33 am
how many people i'm sure here right in the studio have said it's weight loss, it's getting in shape. what can we do to make it stick? >> don't go overboard. i'm going to take everything out of my diet and work out every single day especially if you haven't been working out, it's not going to happen. >> you can do this at home. i just learned it two seconds ago. and i have on heels. >> all right. >> really low. twist those heels. twice, yeah. do it again. 20 times. >> yeah. i'm doing it twice. i just did it. i'm good. it's a great chance and your sexy star secret. what did you learn from the celebs? >> be committed. come to your workout and do the heel click. >> there's no place like home. be committed. don't go overboard. >> and just really have fun. you know, have fun. >> enjoy your workout. >> you make it fun. you make it fun, anna kaiser,
8:34 am
get three of her top hitness tips on on yahoo! we'll go outside with ginger. beg ginger, what's happening? >> where are you from? >> from connecticut. >> massachusetts, the middle of new orleans, raleigh in the group. we've got a whole bunch of folks and get a lot of twitter photos. i want you to send me yours. we put them on television and show you what it's like in wisconsin. that's what it's like in wisconsin. can you see that. that's the end of a pier. detroit river frozen over, nice look at a cold morning there but we will see some warming and with that warming comes some rain, some flooding potential in certain spots. remember, philadelphia this morning waking up with a flash food watch. see up to one maybe even three inches in some places. good morning. i'm mike nicco. drizzle for the morning commute commute. ar afternoon sunshine. north bay ha
8:35 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by tempur-pedic. we are just shivering out here. george, in to you. >> thanks. we'll take a look ahead to the assets. abc's brand-new miniseries based on the story of how cia officersing traed down a mole if their ranks. a sneak peek at what's coming up. >> jane. wanted two introduce to one of our new officers. >> nice to meet you. >> we missed you around here. >> yes, you have. things have really slipped. >> well, i don't know about that. >> i do know. they have. >> and we're now going to meet the woman. you look a lot more glamorous. >> i hope. >> but she's a fascinating story. she was a woman who began her career in the cia as a typist and became one of its chief mole hunters. >> she joined the cia because she wanted to travel and that was one of the options when she was in school and people were giving her career choices and she thought, i want to travel and a gap came up in the cia and
8:36 am
played it out until she was really -- after retirement she carried on working. >> and all based on true -- the experience of trying to track down aldridge ames and i love the detail ames was eventually convicted as a spy and she tried to frame your character as the mole. >> yes, he was asked by the kgb who are the likely people we can turn and came up with jean and single women, they'll be susceptible to men coming up to them and recruiting them in a bar or hotel and found this all out when he was gee debriefed after he was imprisoned and he said -- then she suddenly realized it wasn't that she was trying to find out who they could recruit. it was that he wanted to pin the blame on her for some of the slippage that had happened on account of him. >> you have to let me in on a secret. you brits have cornered the market on playing american spies
8:37 am
and spy catchers. >> we're mean and sneaky and you can't tell what we're thinking. we cover up our emotions. no, i don't know. there's a very -- there's something fascinating about spies and they're basically actors, you know, that are putting on a role and have to play out the script till the end once they took on the role and i'm fascinated by the way human beings work. >> it's a fascinating -- >> i don't know if it's particularly british. >> something that is, we're running out of time. you and dame maggie smith in "downton abbey." >> my agent said -- she's great. you think i'm being paid to spend a day with maggie smith. >> thanks for being on. harriet waller. "the assets" here on abc at 10:00, 9:00 central. rachael ray.
8:38 am
8:39 am
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they're facing off again.
8:41 am
third season of "celebrity cookoff" premiered monday night on the food network. they each won a season so breaking a tie. >> this is a tough one. >> may impact the judging. it was awesome. >> coming up on january 27th. >> it was fun. >> iron chef. >> recap the show how are we doing so far? >> we're doing really well. very strong feel. my team, i have florence henderson. she is the bomb and she's so funny. >> mrs. brady. >> i love her. >> mrs. brady can throw down. let me tell you not just in the kitchen but when her and judy tart telling dirty jokes. judy is on, penn jillette, amazing in the kitchen. and i have the bachelor, i got jake. but to watch these people struggle, work 12, 13 hours a day literally they're cooking 12 hours a day in some cases they're playing with knives, fire and they're doing it all for charity. our winner, of course, gets $50,000 for the charity of their
8:42 am
choice. >> friend of the program. >> i love that. >> i love my brother from another mother. >> here we go. want to play a little game? >> yes we're going to play a little game in honor of our show. >> sheer we go. it is going to be essentially pictionary. >> i'm the peanut gallery. >> i'll go first. >> i'm eye cheerleader. >> we're a team. we can do this. >> all phrases with food in them. >> you're drawing that. >> rachael. >> really. >> seconds on the clock please. >> we're quiet. >> oh, my god. you gave me a really hard one. >> go. >> okay. it's a person. it's a man. a woman. >> well -- >> walking -- >> fire. >> walking fire. >> fire in an egg. >> yes. >> it's a phrase, a phrase. >> walking on eggshells. >> all right. lara, here you go. lara, right here.
8:43 am
i don't want you to block. you're trying -- >> all right. >> 30 seconds. >> go. >> wait. >> uh, um, um. okay. >> box. >> snow. >> birthday cake. >> birthday cake. >> a food phrase. >> icing on the cake. >> all right. come on, come on. >> ho, ho. >> ginger, you can do this. come on, ginger. come on. come on. >> okay. >> go. >> egg. >> cookies. >> dot. >> potato. >> potato. >> hot potato. >> yes. >> all right. all right. >> coming back for one. >> george. stand over here. >> please -- >> this is you right there. >> are you going to break the
8:44 am
tie? >> 15 seconds. go. >> a week. calendar. what is that? once a week. is that fire. >> come on. >> i love you. >> stand back. >> what is that? >> it is salad days. >> hey, wait. everybody, can we get a close p close-up? >> that's days. there's a turnip. >> is that a volleyball? >> how do you write salad days? >> come on. robin, you're not -- robin, you're next. >> yeah, baby. >> all right. >> oh, okay. okay. give me -- >> can we all guess? >> yes. >> whoever guesses first. >> okay. ready. >> go, go. >> 15 seconds. >> pie. pie.
8:45 am
>> pizza. >> easy as pie. >> oh. >> that's how you do it. that's how you do it. >> close. >> rachael, "celebrity cookoff." coming up, coming up here, jason aldean, go nowhere. >> go nowhere. that was close, thank you, you guys. >> congratulations. "do good, do good, do good, do good" "keep peddling, keep peddling, keep peddling..." life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going.
8:46 am
8:47 am
(screaming) "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. i'm telling you, it's just a couple of week, this man right here, jason aldean could be picking up his first grammy. his latest cd "night train" up for best country album. meantime he's just been named artist of the year for the fourth year running, 8.5 million records sold. give it up for the one and only jason aldean. ♪ >> thank you. that's a great introduction. >> i get all excited. feel like i'm at the ballpark.
8:48 am
i know how you love sports. okay, the big announcement. let's hear it. >> this year to make a big announcement and actually partnered up with major league baseball to kick off a new tour. it's called -- 2014 tour called the burn it down tour like i said partnered with major league baseball. we'll go to a bunch of stadiums this year so those are going to start to come out, the stadiums we'll do will come out, you know, periodically throughout the year and totally i think it's going to be about total of about 50 shows. >> whoo. >> in -- on this tour so we got florida georgia line going out with us. >> excellent. >> fun year. >> last time i saw you at fenway, you sold that out in two nights, biggest crowd ever there. hope you get in our neighborhood this year closer to home. and you can -- you got good -- we went down in the box, the batting cages and you can more than hold your own. you wanted to be a baseball player, right? >> yeah, at one point i kind of felt that was going to be my
8:49 am
career path and, you know, problem is i didn't have any power, so -- >> it's all right here. you got the power right here in the vocal chords and the iheartradio, country music festival in march. looking forward to you being out with that, as well. >> yeah, it's going to be great. texas, this year and a lot of fun. >> are you ready? are you ready? i know you're ready over there. jason aldean going to kick off our winter concert series with a performance of wh"when she says baby" off "night train." take it away, jason. ♪ some days it's tough just getting up throwing on these boots and making that climb ♪ ♪ some days i'd rather be a no-show lay low before i go out of my mind ♪ ♪ but when she says baby baby oh
8:50 am
no matter what comes ain't going nowhere ♪ ♪ she runs her fingers through my hair and saves me ♪ ♪ baby yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive and driving me a good kind of crazy ♪ ♪ when she says baby oh when she says baby ♪ ♪ some nights i come home fighting mad feel like running my fist through the wall ♪ ♪ is it even worth it what i'm fighting for anymore feeling torn all the hell with it all ♪ ♪ but when she says baby baby ♪ oh no matter what comes ain't going nowhere she runs her fingers through my hair and saves me ♪ ♪ saves me yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive ♪ ♪ and driving me a good kind of
8:51 am
crazy ♪ ♪ when she says baby everything gonna be all right just lay down by my side ♪ ♪ let me love you through this life ♪ ♪ yeah she's the perfect shot of faith when every bit of mine is gone ♪ ♪ something i can believe in a best friend a heaven sent love to lean on ♪ ♪ but when she says baby baby oh no matter what comes ain't going nowhere ♪ ♪ she runs her fingers through her hair and saves me ♪ ♪ yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive and driving me a good kind of crazy ♪ ♪ when she says baby ♪ whoa when she says baby
8:52 am
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8:55 am
jason, thank you so much. love everybody in the band. thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> we got a big congratulations. paula faris, saw that baby coming. here is little landon. mom is doing great. so is husband. >> ah. >> about time, landon. >> so happy for paula and the whole family. have a great day, everyone. ♪
8:56 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze, crews are getting an upper hand on a five-alarm warehouse fire that broke out around 5:30 this morning. plumes of smoke are still billowing from that fire, affecting traffic and transit. >> absolutely. line number 64 is being rerouted in the julian and 24th street area so the bus stops at the julian and 26th, both directions are not being served. plan ahead there. now, let's take a look at weather with mike nicco. >> wins down in the san jose area are going calm right now. they were blowing to the north. they may start blowing down to
8:59 am
the south. smoke can be just about anywhere at this time. drizzle out until 10:00. we'll have one more chance saturday before record warmth announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael"! today, from the series "community," joel mchale. and globe nominee oscar isaac. plus, get ready to jump, as we continue "live's" kickstart the new year, the fitness edition. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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